Comprehensive Care for the
Quality Conscious Family


Comprehensive Care for the Quality Conscious Family

I have had the pleasure of a professional relationship with Dr. Sandra Finch since the mid 90’s. My work is solely within the dental profession so I work with many dental offices. Of all these offices throughout BC and Alberta I do not know any Dentist who takes her commitment to excellence in dentistry more seriously.

Extensive continuing education, leading edge in sterilization protocols long before they were required by the British Columbia Dental Association and assembling a long term team of skilled individuals a just a few of the reasons I respect Sandra and feel she is a tribute to the dental profession.

When I needed a dentist to help my son with his aesthetic and functional challenges with his teeth there really was no other option for me than to take Jarred to Sandra. The results were beyond our expectations. Over the 15 years my son has moved around he always tells my how impressed dentists are with the direct bonding Sandra did on his teeth. Professionally I could not enjoy or respect a client more, personally Sandra is a warm caring individual enjoying life with her family.

-Joan V.

Honestly Dr. Finch & her team are just phenomenal! I have nothing but ultimate praise about them! They are genuinely caring, comforting, professional, & extremely talented in their work. I instantly feel respected, cared for, and special when I walk through the doors! I feel right at home here, and I can’t even begin to explain the life change that has been given to me through my smile. All of this is because of Sandra (with a special shoutout to Shelby as well!)Just exceptional!

– Carolyn C.



When I first met Dr. Finch in 2006, my first feelings were one of beautiful, timely, relief. After 36 years of having cavities, root canals, surgery on the former root canals, and overall unpleasant and painful dental experiences; this negative cycle was finally put to a stop. Dr. Finch was the first dentist to put me on a “preventative tooth program” instead of the popular “fix what is broken” philosophy. Thank goodness! When I went home, I actually had tears of happiness, from all the overwhelming relief I finally felt, after all these unpleasant years of former dental work.

Dr. Finch has also been studying and training to become accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Association. I was one of her fortunate patients to receive some of her cosmetic dental work this past year. My new smile now has a healthy, white, toothy, full, youthful look. My first comment after I looked in the mirror was, instead of a one million dollar looking smile, my smile looks like a two million dollar smile! I look fantastic!

I would highly recommend Dr. Sandra Finch as a dentist in both regular and cosmetic dentistry. She is kind, loving, patient, caring, intelligent, and runs her dental office like a spa experience. I no longer have anxiety when I sit in the dentist’s chair, and I no longer feel any pain when having my dental work done. Going to my dentist appointment is relaxing, peaceful, classy and very pleasant!

Thank you, Dr. Finch for all of your caring consultation, time and hard work you have put into my teeth! I am so thankful that you are my dentist!

All the best,



Thank you for my wonderful new smile! The crowns are absolutely beautiful, and so natural-looking that even my friends aren’t aware that I’ve had dental work done; they just remark that somehow I look better! I’m amazed at how much my new smile improves my appearance.

Thank you for your painstaking work and your commitment to excellence every step of the way. You lavished care even on the temporary crowns (which were also beautiful), and I saw then, as I have seen so many times over the years, that you have the eye of an artist in addition to being a highly skilled and gifted dentist. During the first “design check” of the permanent crowns I well remember you saying, “We don’t just want ‘good’, we want ‘stunning’!” And, thanks to your skill and attention to detail, that’s exactly what we got!

The very high standards you set for yourself in every aspect of your practice have been apparent in all the dental work you have done for me during the many years that I have had the good fortune to be one of your patients. I appreciate not only your excellent care, but also the courtesy and professionalism of your assistants and the friendly atmosphere of your office.

My beautiful new smile is just the latest demonstration of your uncompromising commitment to excellence.

With appreciation for your outstanding work,



Prior to seeing Dr. Finch about 5 years ago, I went to the dentist only when my teeth needed serious repair and when I was in pain. Since seeing Dr. Finch I have had much preventative work done and my teeth are much healthier and stronger. In addition, I have found Dr. Finch to be very gentle, understanding and a painless dentist.




I’ve had so many compliments about my teeth since the veneers have been applied that I thought I would write a little letter of thanks. The comments about my beautiful teeth, how white they are, how good they look, have led to a much higher self-esteem, and I smile more often! This very small investment has made such a world of difference to my life. Thanks again!




I would like to express my sincere thanks to Sandra Finch and all her staff for my new smile.

You will probably not be able to understand how much this means to me. For most of my adult life I have been almost constantly aware of my poor teeth and partial denture, whether it was during my dating days, socially or at work. I was always reluctant to smile and talk freely with people. This obviously made me less self confident and impacted my feeling of self worth. To make it worse, this situation was often misread by people and gave the wrong impression of my being unfriendly.

For years I have dreamed of being able to remove this handicap and then I met Sandra Finch who gave me hope and eventually the smile I was hoping for.

I especially want to thank you all for your enthusiastic and caring attention throughout the procedure. It was that extra effort that I could see and feel that I believe made the difference between an OK job and an exceptional one. I could feel the excitement and the joy being shared by the team as they went about their work. I could also sense the tenderness and compassion for me as their patient. This is far above and beyond what one could reasonably expect.

I would like you to know that this has made me very happy. Thank you again for your excellent work.


Dear Dr. Finch,

I wanted to drop you this short note to confirm our discussion of this past Wednesday during our consultation, when I expressed to you my impressions since coming to your clinic.

I appreciate the referral from your Dad in Auckland, NZ, which was timely. I now have some sense of why he was justly proud of you and the service you offer.

As I have gone through the various steps and procedures, I have been very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and friendliness of you and your staff.

As you are aware, I am not a frequent customer at dental clinics, having been about 4 times in my life, however I did not feel one inkling of a judgmental attitude openly or unexpressed, but more one of “how can we help”, and “here are some options to consider”.

That is so refreshing in today’s world and I compliment you for fostering that and for your staff for displaying that with natural ease. Good work is important, but good attitudes and service are paramount. Well done.

Peter J., Consultant