New Patients

comprehensive, trust

New Patients

comprehensive, trust

Welcome to Finch Tree Dental

Our professional staff is committed to providing you with the very best dental care possible and we believe that good oral hygiene begins with honest communication. We promise to talk with you in a straight-forward manner about potential problems, necessary treatments and our recommendations. We will also ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed dental treatment decisions. We welcome new patients, and would like to thank you for referring family and friends to our practice. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership, with one common goal – keeping your smile beautiful and healthy!

What will be completed during your first visit?

Oral Examination

Your first visit with Dr Finch, 90 minutes will be reserved for you and Dr. Sandra M. Finch.

Full Assessment

Your examination will include, a full assessment of teeth, all your existing dentistry, head and neck oral cancer screen, how your teeth bite together, jaw joint, gum and bone support. 

Diagnostic Tests

Radiographs (x-rays), study models and photographs are ordered to properly assess your conditions.

Schedule Consultation

A consultation appointment is then scheduled to review findings, discuss treatment and address questions you might have prior to starting any dentistry.

Treatment Plan

A copy of your treatment plan and all related cost will be provided for your convenience.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out a medical history form or if you prefer, print our online Medical History and “Getting to Know You” form, fill them in at your leisure and bring them with you. If you are not a resident of Canada you will also need to sign the consent form for Non-Canadian Residents. If you have questions regarding any of these forms, please don’t hesitate to call us at 604-531-7779.

Cancellation Policy

Two working days notice is required to change your previously reserved appointment or a fee will be charged according to the amount of time booked for your appointment.  Failure to attend appointments or provide adequate notice deprives other patients of access to treatment (some of which may be urgent in nature) and adds significantly to the cost of everyone’s dental care.

Dental Insurance

Your dental insurance is your responsibility, but we can help.  Dental plans vary greatly.  The forms, conditions, and percentages of payments are contracted between you, your employer or union, and the insurance company who agreed to pay toward the costs of your dental care, and the specific benefits that they have agreed to provide. Regardless of what we might calculate as your dental benefit in dollars, we must stress that fact that you, the patient, are responsible for the total treatment fee.  As a courtesy to you, we do accept assignment of benefit payment from most insurance companies.  This will reduce your immediate, out-of-pocket expenditures. 
Insurance companies do not inform dental offices of changes to your policy.  We encourage our patients to know their plan, in order to eliminate disappointments with payment and reimbursement.  Remember, your dental plan is not a treatment plan.  You should not allow your dental plan to dictate the care you receive.  Only you and your dentist can decide the treatment plan that best meets your specific needs and circumstances.  Our fees are based on clinical expertise, quality of care and materials. 

We allow 30 days for your insurance company to make payment after this time all inquiries on payments due become your responsibility.